The Qualities of a Great Recruiter


So how would I sum up the qualities of a good Recruiter today? Put simply, a compelling storyteller, a careful influencer and a critical thinker. I’m applying this mentality as we scale our Talent Acquisition function at Kraken, aligning with the extended qualities below. If you’re interested in being part of a hyper-scale talent ecosystem applying modern techniques, head to

Rapid Adaptability

We must be open minded, flexible and resilient to the evolving needs of the business without getting distracted or hung up on the disruption it can cause.


Like a good product, our work must be conscientiously completed at quality using a careful balance of creativity, knowledge, data and logic.

Deal Maker

The hiring process begins with great storytelling and requires influential navigation, negotiation and partnership throughout to get results.

Extraordinary at the Ordinary

Taking pride in our systems, processes and communication produces clean data that we can use to make decisions. This increases simplicity and reduces the effort required to meet our goals.


Solving scaling problems requires controlled debate, candour and eventually commitment. We must trust each other to speak openly and give honest feedback to improve.


We must avoid ‘groupthink’ and instead ‘think for ourselves’ in order to be great problem solvers and strategic planners.

Theory of Mind

Discovering the ‘unknown unknowns’ which lead to great hires requires EQ to empathetically understand the views and positions of others.



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Aaron Neale

Aaron Neale

Moonshot enthusiast and architect of world class teams.