I’ve Joined Kraken 🐙

Aaron Neale
1 min readJun 11, 2021

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the mighty Kraken to help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency, so that people all over the world can achieve financial freedom.

After explosive growth this year to almost 2,000 people, Kraken continues to scale rapidly all over the world as demand for our product reaches new highs. I couldn’t be more excited to join Jesse and the team to lead hiring at this critical stage and be a part of what is a truly meaningful journey.

Amongst the many roles we’re hiring for, continuing to build an extraordinary Recruiting function to support our growth is a top priority. We’re looking to hire the absolute best to join our team, including:

  • Accomplished Recruiters and Sourcers at all levels
  • World-class Recruiting Leaders, including Recruiting Operations
  • A superstar talent marketer, ready to take our employer brand to the top

Opportunities exist across all disciplines including tech, product, business and operations. We are a fully distributed, humble and diverse team who believe Recruiting is a product which should be designed to delight our customers. There is no better time to join the crypto industry and be part of this exciting revolution!

To the moon 🚀🌙




Aaron Neale

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